In Cooperation with APEX Insurance, PIF Holds a workshop entitled

Ramallah- Palestine Insurance Federation held a specialized workshop entitled “The Principles of Settling and Managing General Insurance Claims ”, which took place at its headquarter, on Monday, the 20th of October 2014. In cooperation with APEX Insurance company which is specialized in providing reinsurance, brokerage and consultancy services.

The workshop was presented by Mr. Osama Arafat, the Claims Manager at APEX; who has a Bachelor Degree in Actuarial Sciences and a Masters Degree in Business Administration “MBA”. 30 trainees from variant Palestinian Insurance companies had the chance to participate in this workshop that focused on practical and live cases given by the experienced trainer Mr. Arafat, whose experience exceeds nine years in the Jordanian insurance market.

The workshop was started by Mr. Amjad Jaddou, the Secretary-General of the PIF, who welcomed the working team from APEX, represented by Mr. Zuhair Atout; the CEO and Mr. Osama Arafat; the Claims Manager, and thanked them for their cooperation, time, effort and for their sponsorship of the workshop as well. As he continued by illustrating that training and developing the technical and professional capacity of the insurance sector staff is one of the PIF top and main priorities, that’s looking forward for further development to this domain.

From his side, Mr. Zuhair Atout expressed his great pleasure regarding their cooperation with the PIF that was clearly shown in holding this specialized workshop, which deals with one of the most important insurance topics faced by insurance companies, stressing his readiness and APEX working crew to provide any technical assistance to any of the employees participating in this workshop, and his willingness towards further cooperation with the PIF through holding more specialized courses and workshops that will enhance the technical capacity of the Palestinian Insurance companies crews.

Special thanks by Mr. Zuhair Atout were directed to Mr. Ayoub Wael Zurub, the PIF Chairman, Mr. Mohammed Rimawi, the Vice Chairman, Mr. Amjad Jaddou the Secretary General and all directors of the Palestinian insurance companies for their cooperation, confidence and continuous support for APEX company.


APEX Company for reinsurance, brokerage and consulting services is considered as one of the largest companies in the Arab world in mediation reinsurance domain, which provides its services to the Palestinian and the Middle East market due to the fact that it is the third largest brokerage reinsurance firm in the Arab world. It is worth mentioning that the APEX company has reached this high scale in record time which presents a truly live successful Palestinian story beyond all levels.