PIF holds a workshop entitled

Ramallah- Palestine Insurance Federation held a workshop entitled “ The Social Security System in Palestine and its influence on the Insurance sector” at its headquarter, in Al-Bireh on Tuesday, the 18th of November, 2014. 

The workshop was presented by the expert and economic consultant Dr. Atef Alawneh, who is a member of the national team for the preparation of the social security system project in Palestine and a representative of the Coordinating Council of the private sector institutions. This workshop mainly aimed to introduce participants to the importance of the social security system and the latest updates regarding this issue and its stages. A number of financial administration officials attended the workshop in addition to the directors of human resources departments from different Palestinian insurance companies.

The workshop was started by Mr. Amjad Jaddou Secretary-General of the PIF who welcomed Dr. Atef Alawneh and thanked him for accepting the invitation to lecture this important workshop which aims to keep pace with the social security system project and focus on its latest developments while highlighting on the impact of applying this proposed system to the working process of the insurance companies.

During the workshop, Dr. Atef Alawneh had mentioned the importance of having a social security system in Palestine, as he discussed the pension types, their pros and cons, in addition to the reality of social security in Palestine, its components and the proportions of contributions for both the employee and the employer, the beneficiaries, terms of use, and the impact of applying the proposed system to insurance companies saving funds and to the working process of the insurance companies.

At the end of the workshop, which lasted over three hours, an open discussion was introduced to answer participants’ questions, inquiries and proposals that contributed to deepen the knowledge of the proposed system and the impact of applying it to the insurance companies, in addition to  discussing available possibilities for developing insurance products that highly match and fit the proposed Social Security system.