Disciplinary Council- Committees elected by PIF BOD

The Federations forms a (disciplinary council) which lasts for two years and includes five members elected by the general board from experts who are already members in the federation.
Disciplinary Board does not consider complaints unless converted to a decision of the Board of Directors, and disciplinary council has the authority to adopt any of the following penalties on a member of the Union:

  1. Alert
  2. Warning
  3. Fine
  4. To recommend to the Palestinian Capital Market Authority (PCMA) to stop offending this member to practice one or more types of insurance, temporarily or permanently.




Title/ Company

Mr. Mohammad Al Rimawi

President of the council

GM - Board Member / Tamkeen Insurance Company

Mr. Mahmoud Sehwail  Member

Global United Insurance Company

Mr. Hamzeh Shrouf Member

Palestine Insurance Company

Mr. Riyad Al Atrash Member Al Takaful Insurance Company
Mr. Ahmad Al Mesha'sha' Member National Insurance Company