symposium about the reality and challenges of the insurance sector in Palestine

At the beginning of the symposium Dr. Khalid Alaiwi the Director of the Arab Open University welcomed with the two distinguished guests and praised their efforts in the service of the insurance sector in Palestine. The symposium was opened by a summary presented by Dr. Nizar Dowaiket about the insurance specialization and risks management which is being presented for the first time at the level of the Palestinian Universities.

In his turn Mr. Al Shanti extended his thanks to the management of the Arab Open University, Palestine Branch for hosting this symposium which aims to support and develop the insurance industry and the professions associated with it in addition to consolidating the insurance business concepts and contributing to provide the technical experiences and cadres to the markets.

During the symposium Mr. Al Shanti presented a brief about the Palestinian Insurance Market including all its branches and kinds showing the differences between the commercial and tontine (Takful insurance) in addition to some statistics about the companies portfolios and the subscribed installments in addition to his reference to some of obstructions and challenges facing their sector. Mr. Al Shanti also clarified that the fields of work for the graduates of Insurance and Risk Management Programme are varied in all the technical departments of insurance like the actuarial management, subscription management, risk management, sales management and marketing in addition to other job opportunities available in the banks, investment and others. On her part Ms. Nisreen Al Hanbali briefly reviewed the Palestinian Federation's Work Mechanism to the insurance companies operating in this sector and its role in the development of this sector in operation with the regulatory and supervisory authorities of this sector.

At the end Dr. Khalid Olaiwi the director of the University extended his thanks to them for the rich information they presented about the reality and the challenges of the insurance sector in Palestine.