Al Aqba International Insurance for Insurance Conferences 2019

Engineer Asa'd Al Sumairat the President of the Jordanian Insurance Federation and Chairman of the Organizing Committee of Al Aqaba Conference 2019 AD declared that the Seventh International Conference " Al Aqaba Conference 2019" held by the Jordanian Federation of Insurance Companies in cooperation with the General Arab Union in the Aqaba special Economic Zone in the Intercontinental Hotel during the period from 15-17/4/2019 witnesses heavy participation by the major local, Arab and International Insurance companies in addition to a distinguished presence by the lawmen and experts in the field of Insurance and the presence of brokers, insurance agents, adjusters of losses and several representatives of the companies and Organizations whose business are associated with insurance. The number of participants amounts to 550 participants from 25 countries including Bahrain, Kuwait, UAE, Egypt, Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, the Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen, Morocco, Germany, Libya, Saudi Arabia in addition to effective and quality participation by the Board of Directors of the General Arab Federation of Insurance represented by the Vice-President of the General Arab Federation of Insurance Mr. Max Zukar the representative of the Lebanese Market and their Excellences the members who are representing the Arab Insurance Federations and companies and the representatives of Nine Arab Insurance markets.

Mr. Sumairat added that the conference held by the Federation in Aqaba Zone was not limited to Marine Insurance as it was at its beginning. During the last session of the conference the attitude of the Board of Directors of the Federation and the organizers of the conference to expand the works of the conference in 2017 to include various issues of interest to the insurance industry and all branches of insurance in order to expand the base of participants in the conference and recruit the largest number of the insurance leaders of the local, Arab and International Insurance. In this current session the conference will address the agricultural insurance, electronic insurances, the risk of converting by the companies to the digital insurance which is considered an extremely important issue in view of the rising technological development and the wide use of technology in the various economic sectors. The conference also addresses in one of its sessions the tontine insurance which has recently witnessed high demand and great interest by the International insurance companies and Arab Markets and obsesses a large percentage of international insurance business. The conference will also discuss the issue of risk insurance in exchange for capital, natural disasters insurance and pricing them, the role of regulatory and supervisory authorities in the development of the insurance industry at the Arab and international levels.

Sumairat clarified that most important factor distinguishing the conference in its current session is launching the insurance researches award which was allocated to the electronic insurance and was declared by the organizing committee of the conference in order to encourage the researchers to submit new ideas and suggestions about the importance of shifting by the companies to the electronic insurance and to discuss them with the regulatory and supervisory authorities on the insurance sector and identify the legal requirements and determinants in this regard. These researches also aims to the creation of a database for companies and starting from it to the preparation of feasibility studies.

Moving to the electronic version which has become a basic requirement in the insurance industry in order to keep up with the electronic and technological development witnessed by all industries including the insurance industry. It is noteworthy that this conference is one of the biggest insurance conference which are periodically organized in the region with International and Arab participation and enjoys a great interest by the international and Arab insurance companies.