Addressing and Investigation Techniques in traffic accidents

Yesterday, Saturday the ninth of November 2019 a workshop was held in Ramallah about the traffic accidents " Addressing and Investigation Techniques in traffic accidents " organized by the Palestinian Federation for Insurance Companies and the Palestinian Police in the Presence of His Excellency Engineer Asem Salem the Minister of Transport and Communications, the Human Rights Colonel Abu Znaid Abu Znaid the General Director of the Traffic Police, Mr. Ashraf Musha'l the Chief of the Traffic Crime Fighting Prosecution, Mr. Amjad Jadoua' the General Director of the General Administration of Insurance and Chairman and Members of the Board of Directors of the Palestinian Federation of Insurance Companies.

Mr. Anwar Al Shanti: Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Palestinian Federation of the Insurance Companies welcomed the attendees where 130 persons of those working in the department of Accidents, compensations and the legal departments, relevant departments in the field of Insurance with the insurance companies, traffic police officers, directors of traffic branches and road accidents officers in the Governments attended the workshop.

The workshop addressed several issues related to traffic accidents and the importance of investigation in the accidents, the analysis of the accident in case they are physical injuries (Croca), accident detection methods and insurance violations the most important legal and technical data and foundations in determining responsibility in the accident in terms of collecting evidences in accordance with the latest methods.

The issue of the development of the traffic control plans and their continued change in accordance with the developments in the traffic accidents file and the legal effect resulting from the traffic accident report and the discussion of the possibility of entering the accident data electronically, connecting them and following them up with the partner parties. The experiences of the neighboring countries were also discussed, in addition to the discussion of the reports, the change of shifts, the speed of the police response and role of the partner authorities in enhancing the traffic and insurance culture and providing a safe traffic environment.

His Excellency the Minister Engineer Asem Salem stressed the need of discussing the causes and factors leading to accidents. He pointed out to the importance of the role and responsibility of the Ministry of transport and communications in issuing the licenses and the role of the Ministry of Public Works and the Ministry of Local Government in rehabilitating the infrastructure and the streets whether inside or outside the cites.

Minister Salem also stressed the importance of the strengthening the culture of the Palestinian citizen in schools, universities by media and symposia which in their turn would warn the people against the tragedies resulting from the traffic accidents to be a deterrent to the Palestinian citizen and urge him to abide by the traffic laws and instructions.

The Human Rights Colonel Abu Znaid Abu Znaid pointed out that the traffic issue has become of international nature and it is our duty to help the private sector to carry out the burdens it is facing especially in the issue of insurance and that the insurance is not a permissible money but it is a national capital which must be preserved, supported and that the insurance shall be based on well established on true legal assets and not invalid bases. The Human rights colonel Abu Znaid stressed the importance of this meeting in order to reduce the traffic accidents and generalize the positive traffic behavior on the roads as we hope that we have zero death accidents in the future.

Mr. Anwar Al Shanti confirmed that there is no state without economy and no economy without insurance. In some of the world countries the financial sector is classified as a drive component to the economy with it two components: banks and insurance, though the insurance is the most important in view of the fact that without insurance and without insurance companies which are able and capable there are no good new projects, no safe properties, no outstanding loans and no promising future.

Mr. Anwar Al Shanti called for cooperation with the Directorate General of Traffic in order to create a safe traffic environment where we can preserve the Palestinian properties and the Palestinian human element.

MR. Ashraf Misha'l confirmed that the public prosecution and the traffic crime fighting persecution back and support all the sectors in our country and spoke about the positive of the insurance sector in reparation and reduce the burdens on the citizens in cases of tragedies. He also pointed out that the traffic conditions on the roads in Palestine have significant important on the general safety scale, therefore the public persecution seriously support any project procedures or proposals which would support this goal which is the achievement of maximum traffic safely.

The workshop made several recommendations regarding the promotion of the traffic safety. The attendees agreed to follow-up recommendations each in his field of specialization.