Professional liability insurance

Professional liability insurance:

This insurance covers a professional or a professional body against legal liability, and compensation due to the third party for the resulting physical damages, losses or the damages caused to him as a result of the owner of the profession negligence. For example, the legal responsibility of the surgeon towards the patient whom he made a mistake in his treatment of and it was proven to the court that the mistake was a result of carelessness of the doctor or his failure to carry out his responsibilities.

This insurance provides coverage for the legal liability resulting from the claims submitted by the third parties in the following cases:

  • The loss or damage resulting from accidents to the property belonging to a third party.
  • The physical injuries or death caused to a third party.

This policy provides insurance coverage to professionals, or licensed specialists such as:

  • Engineers and architects.
  • Lawyers, accountants and auditors.
  • Media service and technology providers
  • Medical professions owners and those working in hospitals and others

Against the claims of their clients or others resulting from any professional negligence, mistake or dereliction.