Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance:

This policy covers the injury of the insured (the beneficiary of the policy), during the validity of the insurance; as a result of physical injury resulting only and directly from an external, forceful, urgent and unexpected occurrences, and seen as accidental and not deliberate on his part alone and without others which led to the death of the insured or his disability and paying the reasonable medical treatment costs in accordance with the conditions set forth in the policy.

The personal accident insurance covers individuals and groups. This policy provides compensation in cases of accidents, which the insured may be involved in, and result in specific physical injuries such as losing vision, limbs, and deaths.

The coverage may also include the compensation of the insured with specific monthly amounts if he is involved in an accident leading to a total or temporary partial disability.

However; in case of permanent disability, the compensation will include the payment of the agreed amount only once.