Insurance of the movable funds and funds in safes

Insurance of the movable funds and funds in safes:

This policy covers the theft of funds which occurs while it is being transferred to and from the workplace of the insured provided that this theft occurs by others, and not by the employees of the insured and it occurred by coercion, compulsion and the use of force and violence.

 It also covers theft of funds and alike in iron safes by force, violence and without using the imitation keys.

The workplace may be exposed to theft during or outside the working hours. The funds may also be exposed to theft while they are being transferred from the offices of the insured to the bank or vice versa.

The funds insurance policy whether movable, in the safe or in the drawers provides compensation for the insured for this loss.

Calculation of the insurance premium:

The premium is calculated on the basis of the annual estimated amounts in the safes or during transportation: The prices differ according to the volume, nature, the risk of the place, safety means and systems and previous claims.