Labour Injuries Insurance

Work injury insurance:

It is the bodily harm arising from external causes as a result from work on in the process of performing it.

As for the legal concept of the work injury it was defined in article (1) of the Palestinian Labor Law "the accidents which happens to the worker during his work, because of it or on his way to work or his return from it, This includes the infection of diseases which are specified by the law.

The definition of the injury was also set forth of article (1) of the Palestinian Social Insurance Law which is now suspended. It provides that the injury caused­­­ to the worker during his work or as a result of it or in his way to assume his work or return from it. It includes infection with some of the profession's diseases set forth in the schedule attached to the Palestinian Labor Law.

This policy covers wok injuries in accordance with the Palestinian Labor Law no. (7) of 2000 currently effective in the Palestinian National Authorities' Territories and also the coverage of the accidents that happen to the workers/employees while they are leaving from their homes to their place of work and vice-versa provided that they follow the usual route.

This type of insurance covers the compensation of the employees and workers of the insured for the bodily harm, death, permanent total disability, permanent partial disability or temporary disability as a result of an unintentional accident which he was exposed to during his work and within the insurance period particularly in the following cases:

1- Performing their work during the official working hours.

2- During their assignment for any official task outside the workplace during the official working hours.

3- During their movement to and from their workplaces provided that they follow the usual route.

The coverage can also be extended to include the overtime hours, holidays and official Eids if this is explicitly provided for in the insurance and the payment of an additional premium.

Types of work injuries:

1- Fatal work injuries: These are the injuries, which lead to the death of the worker whether directly after the occurrence of the injury or indirectly several days after the occurrence of the accident.

2- Non fatal work accidents: These are the accidents which do not cause the death of the worker but they result in the injuries which include:

  • Complete recovery (non-working days with disability).
  • Still under treatment.
  • More than 35% disability.
  • Less than 35% disability.
  • Occupational disease.