Insurance against fire, theft, and additional risks

Insurance against fire, theft, and additional risks

This policy covers losses and damages made to the insured’s property, as a result of fire, lightning strike, as well as this policy can be extended to cover additional risks, such as mugging, storms, hurricanes, floods, damages as a result of water escaping from pipes and water systems, vehicle collisions, crashing of a civilian aircraft, and falling objects from the sky, or any parts thereof, explosion, earthquakes, volcanoes, riots, civil disorder, strike, and intentional harm (for an additional premium).

This insurance policy offers a wide coverage against risks, and is considered the ideal choice for commercial and industrial establishments, as well buildings and their content against the following risks:

  • Fire, lightning strikes, and explosions
  • Storms, hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes
  • Insurance against the effects of road accidents, falling objects, and water leakage


This insurance policy provides the necessary insurance coverage against loss of profits that may arise as a result of the insured losses, and it includes the following:

  • Net profit
  • The insured permanent general expenses