Mr. Hamzeh Shrouf

Mr. Hamzeh Shroof - General Manager

Mr. Shroof held his current position since May 2021, and his duties focus on general supervision of the company’s overall administrative, financial and technical operations, strategic and tactical planning, effective participation in setting and formulating goals, as well as planning and organizing the company’s workflow to ensure the achievement of the set goals.

He joined Palestine Insurance Company team in 2013 as a legal department manager and his duties were focused on managing and following up on legal files related to the company's business. In 2019, he was promoted to the position of Deputy General Manager of the company to oversee the overall sales, financial and administrative operations of the company. In May 2020, he was assigned as an acting general manager to be responsible for the overall development operations of the company at all levels.

Hamza Shroof holds a Bachelor's degree in Law from Al-Quds University in 2008, and holds a license to practice law from the Palestinian Bar Association. Mr. Shroff has practical professional for more than 14 years in the field of law, management and insurance.

He also has extensive experience in the field of insurance, as he worked as a legal advisor for several insurance companies in Palestine, On the Arab world level, he was the president of the Arab Organization for Young Lawyers, Palestine Branch.