Mr. Nihad Asa'd

The professional career of Mr. Asa'd in the insurance sector began 25 years ago in the Arab Insurance Institution. Then he held various positions until he was appointed as Secretary General of the Palestinian Federation of Insurances Companies in 2008. His experience and love for the profession contributed to the creation of a quantum leap in the nature of the Federation's work which culminated in holding the conferences which included several participants from the brotherly Arab countries and resulted in stablishing strategic relationships with several partner sectors in various specializations in the Arab Countries and many of other countries.

  • Mr. Asa'd also has the Master's degree in Business Administration and another certificate in the Educational Administration.

Mr. Asa'd has been holding the position of the General Director of Al Mashreq Insurance Company since 2013. By the virtue of the directions of the company's Board of Directors, its CEO and all its staff everybody is working seriously to keep up with all that is modern and successful to promote the services provided by the company and its subsidiaries to their clients. The company owns an extensive insurance portfolio including the major companies which have high solvency margin and strong re-insurance programs with the major international companies and subsidized reserves which would contribute to the strengthening the company's position, increasing its productivity and spreading in the country.