Complain Handling Unit project started in cooperation between the Palestinian Insurance Federation, and its members, and insurance companies.
this project provides the opportunity for customers to solve outstanding issues with all insurance companies member in the federation, according to insurance law no. 20 year (2005). The unit do all of its duties in the best way it can, so it achieves the interest of the federation and the insurance companies and raise the trust level in the insurance industry, and it also work in harmony to solve internal disputes resolution procedures applied at the insurance companies, and according to the instructions and rules of behavioral code of conduct issued by the Palestinian capital market.

Unit’s objectives:

Help customers resolve problems or issues related to insurance.

Increase the trust between clients and insurance companies.

Identify the needs of customers with insurance companies.

Identify the concerns and fears of customers about insurance.

Get continuous feedback from the public for use in research and statistics.

Help companies to know their shortcomings.

Strengthen the relationship between the federation and the insurance companies.

Raise the efficiency of insurance companies.

Evaluation of services provided.

Expanding the insurance market.

Applying the rules of behavioral code of conduct through the commitment of the members of the federation to those principles.

Raise the awareness of insurance in Palestinian society.

Form committees of inquiry and arbitration and follow-up in the insurance sector, and adopt the professional principles of practices and procedures to apply.

Enhance confidence in the insurance sector, and to achieve cooperation and coordination with the related official authorities, locally, regionally and internationally.

Managing and collecting scientific researches and statistics about the insurance sector, and presenting the facts in conferences and seminars on the insurance sector.

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